How to Wear a Hat

Spanish blogger Vianei shows us how to wear a hat

There’s something timeless about wearing a hat. Something elegant and very much today, no matter the decade or season. A hat always adds something to an outfit- always. But how to wear a hat? The finalists in our latest Guests of Fashion Instagram contest provided us with a ton of inspiration. One look stood out, and you guys voted for it. Spanish fashion blogger Vianei wowed with her H&M hat, Zara poncho and sweater, Lucky Brand jeans and Louis Vuitton tote.

how to wear a hat

Wondering how to wear a hat? Just look at Vianei Angeles’ killer ensemble.

Here’s what Vianei’s look tells us about how to wear a hat:

  • Don’t wear too many accessories. The hat should steal the show.
  • The hat should fit your head. That seems obvious, but if your hat is too big, it’ll look sloppy.
  • Wear a hat that adds something to the outfit you’re wearing. Vianei’s look incorporates several tones and her hat brings out the light brown in her sweater.
  • Hat should stand out, but not TOO much. For casual looks, there is no need for elaborate hats. Rather, a simple fedora like Vianei’s does the trick.
  • Get the angle right: you may want to push a beanie back, but fedoras will rest quite low on your forehead.
  • How to wear a hat depends on the season: you won’t be wearing a straw hat in the dead of winter, no matter how much you like it.
  • Hair style matters when you wear a hat. If your locks are tied back in a ponytail, your hat won’t stay on as well, nor will it be comfortable. The simple solution: wear your hair down.

Vianei is a fashion blogger from the island of Menorca Baleares in Spain. She lives to wear comfortable, casual clothes most of the time, and there’s rarely the need to dress formally on her Mediterranean island, some 200km off the coast of Spain. If you would like to see more of Vianei’s style, follow her on Instagram (@vianeiangeles).

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Outfit Ideas For School

A Cali Girl’s Outfit Ideas for School

To ring in the New Year, albeit a bit late, Guests of Fashion ran a special outfit contest on Instagram, #BeYouWithUs, which explored individual style. Our winner, Kristy (@kristysant on IG) from California, provided us with a ton of outfit ideas for school while sharing her personal views on fashion.

outfit inspiration for school

Congratulations to our winner of the #BeYouWithUs contest, Kristy (@kristysant)!

Kristy describes her style as casually fashionable. Sometimes, she loves to dress up (which girl doesn’t?) but mostly she keeps things simple. Her killer Lauren Conrad Collection heels are an exception of course!

In her winning outfit, Kristy wears blue jeans with just the right amount of ripping from Forever21 and a classic loose-fitting striped black-and-white tee by Victoria’s Secret Pink. Her Kate Spade bag completes this chic ensemble. Look no further for outfit ideas for school or even work!

In Kristy’s own words, “being able to put outfits together is how I express myself and picking out different colours or patterns is so fun.” This Cali girl definitely knows how to create flawless looks while adhering to her personal style.

Kristy tops offer her look with a  jacket

Kristy tops offer her look with a jacket

Kristy’s Instagram page is a collection of her best looks, offering effortless outfit ideas for school and more. Getting ready in the morning can be tough and picking the right clothes even tougher when you haven’t had your coffee yet, but Kristy makes things easy by combining classic pieces. It’s a well known fact that you can wear a T-shirt and jeans and still look just as fashionable.

We would love to have your wardrobe, Kristy. Or maybe you can be our stylist and give us a ton of new outfit ideas for school. Guys, check out Kristy’s Instagram (@kristysant) and don’t forget to visit Guests of Fashion on IG ( for fashion inspiration and outfit contests!

Fashion Accessories Inspiration from Paris, France

Accessories are the final touch to most outfits but they are much more than the cherry on that proverbial sundae. The wrong jewelry, bag or belt can ruin a look that is otherwise put-together. By the same token, the right accessories can enhance and even transform a basic outfit. Many times, dressing is not complete without our favourite add-ons.

fashion accessories

Congratulations to @nadinezvous, the winner of our Accessories contest!

In the latest Guests of Fashion contest, we asked our followers to show us how they complete their outfits with hats, watches, bracelets and more. It comes as no surprise that the winner of our weekly style search is a trend-savvy Parisian who uses colours, stripes and sparkles to create the ultimate accessorized look.

After completing an online journalism course, Nadine of the blog decided to build on her interest in style and share her fashion sense with the world. She is heavily inspired by the city she lives in, ever-fashionable Paris, and brings a sort of high class joi de vivre to each ensemble she creates. Nadine is inspired by high end brands like Balenciaga but also by Parisian street style.

Full look from head-to-toe

Full look from head-to-toe

Our Guest always accessorizes, as demonstrated by her winning look. Her French Marinière top from Espace Kiliwatch and black leather C&A skirt look great on their own, but with her chosen accessories, Nadine’s look lets her fashion sense truly shine through. Her red Guess heels bring out the collar on her striped shirt and her black Mango clutch transforms the entire outfit from business casual to evening chic. Our Guest has added bracelets by Mamah Doucara Creations and the final touch is amber nail polish by OPI.


Nadine’s accessories in focus

If you would like to connect with Nadine, check out her Instagram account, @nadinezvous or her blog.

Fashion Inspiration: Travel Style from Madrid, Spain

Congratulations to our Travel Style Contest Winner, @anaalvarezpaton!

Congratulations to Ana, @anaalvarezpaton, on her winning Travel Look!

When you’re boarding a flight or exploring a new city, what you wear can make or break that part of your trip. Think about it for a second: if you’re climbing the steps to the Sacre Coeur and you’ve got heels on or you’ve just flown into Edinburgh from Barcelona and you haven’t thrown a sweater over your sundress, you won’t be comfortable and you won’t have as much fun. Holiday and travel fashion may be slightly different from your wardrobe choices at home but that hardly means you need to forgo style.

At Guests of Fashion, we’re always ready to jet off somewhere or another, so we were curious as to what our followers wear when they’re discovering new horizons. The winner of our Travel Style Contest is Ana Alvarez Paton, a fashion e-commerce manager from Madrid. When she’s on the go, Ana (instagram user @anaalvarezpaton) likes to combine investment pieces and high street purchases.

holiday fashion

Details of Ana’s travel style

Her spotless winning look consists of a Ralph Lauren shirt and white tie-dye Maje jeans, a fusion of European chic and American preppy. She’s added a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag into the mix, the perfect travel accessory as it truly never fills up- and those sturdy leather straps won’t break under pressure of carrying your essentials around. Finally, Ana has opted for a feminine touch with golden statement necklace by her favourite Spanish jewelry Brand, Bimba y Lola.

Our Guest is every inch the sophisticated traveler: her chosen pieces keep her  comfortable for long hours of walking along cobblestone streets or standing in museums, her Hackett berret shades her from the sun and of course, she has her adorable Yorkshire terrier Bety to keep her company.

Another one of Ana's stylish travel looks.

Another one of Ana’s stylish travel looks.

If you would like to keep up with Ana on her adventures, follow her healthy eating, fashion and lifestyle Instagram account:

Comfortable Footwear from Melbourne, Australia

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve spent too much time in your life nursing sore feet because of gorgeous yet cruel shoes? If so, there’s a refreshing new trend out there for those who value comfort AND style: Oxford Shoes are making a comeback. This week on Guests of Fashion, we’ve explored the realm of comfortable footwear as worn every day.

The winner of our Comfortable Shoes contest is the fashion blogger behind, a Melbourne girl with a penchant for minimalism. In her look voted most popular by our followers, our Guest Instagram user @zalina_rosli sports black Oxford shoes from Dangerfield with a stripe of leopard print. The rest of her outfit is monochrome but far from boring.

Congratulations to our Instagram contest winner, @zalina.rosli

Congratulations to our Instagram contest winner, @zalina_rosli

Her Topshop high-waisted shorts and Kookai tank top blend together to almost create a jumpsuit. It’s as if these two pieces from different brands were meant to be paired. To top it all off, this savvy Australian fashionista has thrown on a leather jacket and a beanie- also in black. Her look is very trendy but it remains entirely transitional from one season to the next.

Our Guest shows us that her sophisticated look is down-to-earth enough for flat footwear. Her oxford shoes go extremely well with her outfit, not just because they provide a slight break from black but also because they ground her flowing knee-length shorts.

If you’re planning to rekindle your love for flat shoes, you can pair them with simple, single-coloured clothes like our weekly contest winner or you can throw in a bunch of colours and patterns for a more mixed-and-matched look. The best thing about oxford shoes is that they can go well with almost anything.

Fashion Inspiration: Layers on Layers from Westport, Connecticut

Wearing layers is a great way to cope with changing weather conditions throughout the day. In spring and fall in particular, when it’s cold in the morning and almost sweltering in the afternoon, layering up can help you stay comfortable as the mercury rises and drops. The fashion-conscious among us have unsurprisingly found unique ways to make layered looks an expression of their own style, as this week’s Guest attests.

layering, fashion inspiration, stylist

Congratulations to Kristen Golembeski on her winning look in Guests of Fashion’s Best Layered Outfit Contest!

The winner of our ‘Best Layered Look’ contest, Kristen, is a celebrity stylist whose work has been seen on the Today Show, at the Grammy’s and in various magazines. When we briefly spoke to Kristen, she told us that inspiration for her own style comes from everything that she sees, be it on the catwalk or walking down the street. Our Guest, who can start the week in glitz and end it in 90’s grunge, likes to combine elements from different styles to make looks of her own invention.

Kristen’s layering adheres to her ‘mix and match’ philosophy. In her winning look, our Guest plays with plaid to add some colour to her white pants and cropped sweater and her thick-soled shoes ground her casual outfit with some black and an extra pop of white. Kristen tops her look off with a jean jacket, which goes with both her creamy basics and her checkered shirts.

In her winning layered outfit, Kristen is wearing a denim jacket, denim sweatpants and leather bag by Rag & Bone, Vince Sneakers, a 10 Crosby by Derek Lam layered top and a Rails plaid button down across the waist.

Keep up with Kristen on her Instagram (@stylewithakiss), where you’ll find many other sensational outfits. Our Guest is also in the process of working on a blog,, which is set to launch in November.

Don’t forget to follow Guests of Fashion for weekly style updates!

A Week Without Black: Floral Prints from Winnipeg, Canada

In recent posts on Guests of Fashion, one theme has come out over and over again: black is, was, and always will be the base to many-an-outfit. But this week, we wanted our Instagram gallery to pop a bit more. And that’s what happened with our lovely finalists’ print- or pattern-based outfits. So raise your glasses to a week without black on Guests of Fashion and say hello to floral print!

Congratulations to our Prints & Patterns contest winner, @patronondreams!

Congratulations to our Prints & Patterns contest winner, @patronondreams!

Our Guest, Tara (@patronofdreams on Instagram), a stylist and tribal fusion belly dance instructor from Winnipeg, Manitoba, is no stranger to the latest trends. But as she shows us in her winning outfit, it is much more important to let your individual take on fashion shine through the clothes you choose. Her winning look fuses one of the globe’s hottest trends right now, floral pants, with classic elements like a crisp white blouse and beige jacket, which she’s left unzipped.

Florals can be tricky to match but our savvy Guest knows to let her bright blue pants adorned with white flowers take centre stage to avoid clashing. Her heeled Diba boots have a more somber shade and her Gap top remains neutral. Just as Tara’s floral Forever21 pants are rife with detail, other little details complete this look, like her blouse’s cuffs tightly tucked over her thrifted jacket. This outfit can be worn for work, play and anything in between.

Tara began her style blog, Patron of Dreams, at the beginning of October this year and only recently started focusing her Instagram on outfit posts. The mother of two is inspired by inspiring others and, indeed, has plenty to say when it comes to fashion, as her own style is half vintage French and 100% Tara.

Our Guests’ first steps in the bloggersphere are a breath of fresh air for those who want authentic style tips and totally unique inspiration. Take another look at Tara’s outfit and one message will come across loud and clear: wear what suits you and it’ll always look good.

We were blown away by our contestants’ amazing outfits! Finalist selection was the toughest since Guests of Fashion started out. Thank you all for entering and sharing your take on what makes a great Print & Pattern look.

– The Guests of Fashion Team